CSCU Accessibility Advisory Council

The CSCU Accessibility Advisory Council serves as a critical community champion of inclusive and equitable learning opportunities. The mission of the Council is to utilize talents and strengths within the system to advocate for student success through the removal of common barriers to digital learning experiences. Members of the CSCU Accessibility Council contribute their professional expertise; their vast networks of local, national or international resources, colleagues or peers; their diverse knowledge of campus issues, challenges and perspectives relating to student success within the digital learning environment; and other forms of mission-driven assistance. The Advisory Council has no governing function within the system.

Goals of the Advisory Council

  • Communicate to both campus and council about student accessibility initiatives/efforts
  • Collaborate and coordinate across campus/system around council initiatives
  • Provide a platform for professional development and guidance
  • Disseminate information regarding legal trends and campus/system responsibility regarding digital accessibility
  • Provide a forum for policy and implementation discussions
  • Develop recommendations for the implementation of Universal Design for Learning principles
  • Recognize accessibility innovators within the CSCU system