Microsoft Teams

Captioning a Recorded Teams Meeting

  1. Once your recording is complete, visit Streams and select the video you want to review.
  2. Select Update Video Details to edit the recording.
    screen shot of menu options for the selected video
  3. From the Video Language dropdown, select the language spoken.
    screen shot of the Video Language dropdown field
  4. Under Captions on the right side of the screen, check Autogenerate a Caption File.
    screen shot of the Caption option with a checkbox to enable autogenerated captioning
  5. At the top of the page, click Apply to save your settings.
    screen shot of the Apply button to save changes
  6. To review your transcript, return to your video and click View Settings.
  7. Then click Show Transcript.
    screen shot of the View Settings menu with Show Transcript option
  8. If the system is still processing the transcript, you may receive the following message.
    screen shot of text area with message that transcripts are being processed
  9. Once complete, you will see a CC closed captioning option appear within your video playback options.

Resources and Further Reading